Bikaner Camel Festival

Every January, the small village of Ladera in Bikaner, Rajasthan becomes the venue of the two-day and night Bikaner Camel Festival. Camels fascinate tourists from all over the world with their movements, charm and grace. People from all over the world come to India to attend the Festival where camel owners flock to show-off their camels. A festival when the ships of the desert are seen at their best.

Organized by the Department of Tourism, Bikaner Camel Festival is festival of Art and Culture. Desert region's Folk dances and Music add on to what is otherwise an exclusive camel affair. A competition for best decorated camel, fur cutting design, camel milking and the best camel hair cut is organized. The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their drivers. You can enjoy the unusual camel performances like camel races, camel dances, and the bumpy, neck shaking camel rides.

In this festival tea and sweets prepared by camel milk are made available to the visitors interested in enjoying them. So enjoy the lustrous traditions of Rajasthan while celebrating the humble camel, ship of desert at the festival.


Date of Event : 13-14 Jan 2018

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